As a friend, advocate, or ally, you understand the importance of ending the school-to-prison pipeline and ensuring all young people have the opportunity to pursue higher education, be prepared for a job that provides a living wage, and develop the organizing skills necessary to transform our society. UYC provides a space for young people to collectively learn from each other and develop campaigns designed to build the power of students to create liberatory learning environments that are safe and supportive for all students.

 By supporting our initiatives you provide important resources for youth leaders who are fighting back against over-policing in schools, unjust disciplinary practices, inequities and structural racism. A gift to UYC helps us carry out programs that turn youth leaders into strong organizers and enables them to make a positive impact in their schools and communities. 

No matter what the size every donation to UYC plays an important role in moving critical work forward to transform public education. We hope you will help UYC continue to provide a fair and just future for NYC’s youth and make a donation today.

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