UYC Statement on New York City Council Passing Intro 65

For Immediate Release

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Urban Youth Collaborative Responds toNew York City Council Agreement to Pass Intro 65 

The New York City Council’s agreement to pass legislation to allocate $20 million dollars in public funding to pay for security guards in private schools will go down as an historic and unprecedented step to subsidize private education using the public’s money. Councilmember Greenfield’s claim that Intro 65 is necessary to protect students in private schools is baseless and was even contested by Brian Conroy, Chief of the NYPD’s School Safety Division, in sworn testimony, in front of the Council last April. Subsidizing perceived staff needs at private schools, based solely on the demands of those private schools, comes at a cost to all public school students, educators, and families that are in dire need of the support staff and resources necessary to ensure all students are on path to graduation and success. According to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, New York City public schools are owed $2.3 billion dollars. At a time when our public schools continue to be woefully underfunded, this legislation is part of concerted effort, including the failed push to pass a voucher program disguised as a tax credit, to redirect public funding to pay for private education.