Student Safety Act Amendments Pass!

On Wednesday, September 30th, the New York City Council passed amendments to strengthen the Student Safety Act. Passed in 2011, the Student Safety Act, is a first-of-its kind legislation, that requires the NYPD and DOE to public report school discipline issues, including suspensions, summons, and arrests. The amendments will strengthen the data collection and transparency around school discipline issues, making New York City the most transparent city in the country when it comes to reporting on school discipline issues. The new amendments will require the NYPD and DOE to report the following:

  • Number of arrests and summons given out by NYPD precinct officers, as well as the School Safety Division. (Currently, only School Safety Division arrests and summonses are tracked);
  • The presence and use of permanent and roving metal detectors in all schools;
  • The use restraints. Currently there is no reporting required about the use of restraints;
  • Referrals to Emergency Medial Services for behavior and discipline related incidents;
  • Multiple suspensions, data currently includes the number of suspensions at each school, but does not provide data on students that receive multiple suspensions;
  • Redactions, as currently reported heavy redactions hinder our ability to understand student discipline practices. The amendments will lessen the redactions, while still protecting student privacy.